TraySys developed for design, routing, management, labeling and material estimating of cabling systems on Revit Platform

Create and Manage Cabling Systems

Set spacing between cables


Capacity check for trays


Sort cables automatically on trays


Create labels


Draw 3D cables on model


Calculate cable lengths


Dedect cable intersections


Create your cable lists

TraySys works with user defined cable lists based on cable type (NYY, N2XY, N2XH, etc), cable section (1×25, 3×400, 3×16+10, 4×240), cable Radius(mm) , cable bending radius. It is possible to create unlimited number of lists. You can export cable lists in excel to TraySys

Set spacing between cables and installation rules

TraySys uses predefined rules to calculate the amount of space between adjacent cables.

Rules to be applied for single-core and multi-core cables can be selected seperately

TraySys drawing takes rules into consideration when placing cables or calculating the capacity for cable trays. The space between cables are calculated according to these rules.

Give meaningfull names to your routes

TraySys use “Route” concept to define cable lines.

​Defining a route is quite easy; user may assign a name to the route, select the installation rule for single or multi core cables separetely and set the reserv space as percentage of tray widths.

​Defining route path is also quite easy; user may select the start and finish tray of the route and TraySys extract the other trays automatically on path from start to finish.

If it is not possible to reach finish tray from start tray, Traysys warns the user.

Route path can be changed easily whenever you want.

Every route should include at least one phase cable, ground and notr cables are optional. The number of cables can be set separetely for phase, notr and ground lines. Likewise, the cable types and count of cables to be used for phase, notar and ground lines can be set separetely.

Cable type, cable section size and bending radius of cables are extracted from cable lists.

Define source panels and target panels/equipments

TraySys, dedect all panels in model and list them to be selected as source and target. Source and target information are are also included in labels. User can define an equipment as a target too.

Check tray capacities

When a cable is added to model or type of cable changed, TraySys check the capacity for each cable tray on which the cable pass through and warns user if there is insufficient capacity providing ID of the related equipment and show it on the model.

Sort cables on tray

TraySys sort cables from right to left on trays, thus preventing the cables from passing over each other.

Dedect Cable Intersections

TraySys have an option to check cable intersections. at each distribution point(T or cross fittings) it is checked whether the cables intersect with another cable and the user is warned if there is an intersection

Show routes on model

Traysys, her yolun güzergahını model üzerinde görsel olarak kontrol etmeye olanak sağlar.

Traysys enables the user to visualise the path on the model.

Draw 3D cables to model

TraySys draws the cables on the model according pre-defined rules and sizes enabling users to visual check the design or to create 3D documents to guide the construction on the field.

Create labels

Traysys may create labels on demand for a selected tray or for all design. Labels may include cable name, source and target panel, cable type for phase and cable type, number of cable, diameter for notr and ground.

Change route paths dynamically

Users can change the path of Routes whenever they want. For each change, sorting and capacity control is done again for every tray considering the cables assigned. Labels for the revised design will be recreated.

Change route cables

Cables assgined to routes can be changed any moment. For each change, capacity will be recalculated, labels for the revised design will be recreated.

Calculate Cable length

Traysys can calculate the lenght of the cables and may export it to excel enabling exact planning for purchasing and logistics.

Update automatically

TraySys determines any change on the model. For any change on trays or cables, TraySsy recalculates the effect of the changes on design and warns the user if necessary.


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